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About Us

The Oelwein Celebration Inc. is organized by a volunteer committee consisting of 4 officers and several members. Oelwein Celebrations, Inc. (OCI) is a non-profit organization that focuses solely on providing community members the best community celebration possible.


  The Oelwein Celebrations committee was formed in 1976, by volunteers of the Oelwein community. Although the original committee was formed to provide an annual celebration for the 4th of July, those committee officers and members are no longer active.

  It is the focus of the current organization and membership to provide a “family friendly” community celebration, not specifically intended as a celebration for the 4th of July. For this reason and the desire to be “good neighbors”, in 2014, the committee voted and changed the Oelwein Celebration date to the first Saturday of June in each year. The statement “being good neighbors” involved researching when our neighboring communities are hosting their community celebrations. We feel that all celebrations will be more successful when they are not overlapping on the same weekends. Considering the amount of time, energy and financial support each one of these celebrations requires to be successful, we feel that we are doing the best thing for the Oelwein celebration as well as the celebrations of our neighboring communities.

our work

The theme for our future celebrations will be "Color Oelwein with Pride". Events will again include the parade, and a full day of activities at the Oelwein City Park - including stage entertainment, kids games & inflatables, wood carver, bean bag tournament, duck races, food and product vendors, evening entertainment, and the grand finale fireworks by Flashing Thunder. The committee is continuing plans and additional entertainment and events will be added.

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The expenditures of the celebration are covered by a mixture of private and corporate donations along with numerous fund raisers. The City of Oelwein and various city departments have been supportive as well. Without this amazing spirit of cooperation, generosity, and patronage the Oelwein Celebration would not be possible.

Can I help?

Community support is important and we hope to have YOUR support for this next year's celebration! Feel free to comment to the officers at oelweincelebration@gmail.com