"It takes an army of dedicated, community-minded individuals to bring any festival to a point of success". We invite and encourage you to become a volunteer in the Oelwein Celebrations committee.

Many Hands

To quote John Heywood, "Many hands make light work". Teamwork can make all tasks much easier and enjoyable. The more the merrier!

many hands

Make a Difference

Do something positive for your community and get involved. Make a lasting impression on your community and enhance the quality of life for family, friends, and neighbors.

Lend your Talents

Everyone is good at something. It could be you have great organizational skills, or a good communicator. You may have quite the artistic flair or just good with your hands. Put them to good use to better the local community and share your talent with us, or find a hidden one in the process.

volunteer parkpic

Make Memories

Here is your chance to be part of a team that makes happy memories of small town celebrations. You can make lasting impressions not only on the children but people of all ages making their lives a little sweeter and yours also.

Be Involved

Interested in helping out? We welcome all support whether in donations or volunteering your time with helping hands.